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Custom Facials

Calm Facial 

A nourishing facial for all, even the most sensitive skin types. A gentle deep cleansing treatment designed to de-stress, de-sensitize and to calm inflamed or just sensitive skin. Followed by a hand blended mask to calm and hydrate. $130/60 min

Hydramax Ultra Facial 

For all skin types in need of hydration and life. Diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, tone and tighten. Improves circulation and collagen production, delivering improved elasticity, firmness and tone. Includes a deep pore cleanse with ultrasonic skin lift technology. $145/60 min

Resolution Facial

A deep cleansing facial with focus on problematic and acne prone skin. Utilizes ultrasound technology and advanced skin care equipment to target problematic skin, stimulate collagen and elastin leaving skin bright and fresh. $135/60 min

Pure C Facial 

Ideal for restoring prematurely aging skin. A potent Pure C Complex Serum re-establishes the defenses in the skin to protect against environmental damage.  Gentle botanicals provide instant radiance, more even skin tone and increased collagen production.  Highly anti-inflammatory, Pure C allows a more youthful skin to emerge. $140/60 min

Pumpkin Enzyme

An ideal way to say goodbye to dull skin and keep that beautiful youthful glow. This spicy facial packs a powerful punch, loaded in antioxidant skin rejuvenating vitamins C, E and K. $135/60 min

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Resurface and re-texture your skin with Diamond Microderm technology. A deep exfoliating treatment leaves your skin soft and reduces the appearance of fine lines, surface acne scarring, lessens acne breakouts, sun spots, promotes collagen production, evens skin tone and brightens the skin. A one-time treatment is a great overall skin brightener. Get a series and see a lasting effect. $135/60 min 

Clarity Facial

An essential focus facial, perfect for a mid-day break or limited time. Cleanse, steam and exfoliation give your skin an overall glow. $85/30 min

Waxing Services and Brow Tinting

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